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Enviro International Inc. upholds a longstanding commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. This commitment is based in a deep awareness and recognition that the best building practices must be in partnership with the existing environment. The two in conjunction bring valuable owner benefits while greatly diminishing ecological impact.

Enviro International, Inc. is based in Carmel, CA and helmed by founder Safwat Malek, a champion of both local and global sustainability movements. The goal is to design buildings that the clients can be proud to own, that beautifully and thoughtfully complement the land’s natural shape. By maximizing the property’s open space, Malek’s designs minimize any disruption to the land’s original ecosystem. Enviro International, Inc. serves as a LEED certified and general contractor for these purposes.

The firm uses a variety of environmentally responsible materials, including sustainable lumber, nontoxic paints and finishes, and energy efficient appliances, heating, and electrical systems. Enviro International, Inc. is always seeking new, reliable, energy efficient products, and works to reduce waste as much as possible during construction.

Enviro International develops responsible single-family homes, multi-residential and commercial buildings, churches, resorts and other green developments. The firm also focuses on home renovations.

Included in Enviro International, Inc.’s portfolio is Maison du Soleil, the first solar home in Carmel-by-the-Sea, the first certified ENERGY STAR home recognized by the United States environmental Protection Agency on the Monterey Peninsula, and the first certified “Build-It-Green” rated home in Monterey County. Enviro International, Inc. also designed and built the LEED-compliant expansion of the Unitarian Universalist Church, Monterey Peninsula’s first solar installation of its size. On the international front, the firm’s 250-acre Hermosa Hills development project in Costa Rica is expected to be the most sustainable and first of its kind in the country upon its completion.

Fully adopting the perspective of sustainability as the three P’s (people, place, profit), Enviro International, Inc. prides itself on engaging as an active member of the communities in which it does business and working to make these places better communities to live.

Our Services

Enviro International, Inc. offers clients all of the architectural and construction services related to green building. With over 45 years of experience in architecture and construction, Safwat Malek serves as the architect and construction executive for all of the firm’s projects.

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