Lee A Duckering ASLA

My wife, Debra, and I are so lucky we found Safwat Malek to design our home expansion. Safwat has combined a vision for “what could be “ with practicality of the processes required to get through the regulatory agencies. He is a great listener with the ability to keep the conversations on track and moving forward.

Safwat not only is a talented architect, but he’s been so resourceful, using his many connections bringing together the many sub consultants necessary to make our dream a reality.

Having been a registered landscape architect for over 40 years, I’ve come to recognize leaders in our industry who have the talent and temperament to be of help to their clients. We heartily endorse Safwat.

Ashok Kumar PhD, CFA

afwat Malek built our home in the Bay Area at the turn of the millennium.  Safwat was both the architect and general contractor. Our home was built within budget and on time, an exception for real estate projects. Safwat is the confluence of technical capability, project management skills, and trustworthiness, all of which were present through the entirety of the construction. He takes on projects as a lifetime relationship, not a transaction. An individual who is a rare combination of old-world values of trust and decency coupled with deep domain knowledge.

Sarafan Estate: Carmel Highlands, CA

I recently moved to the Carmel Highlands from Southern California with my 92-year-old father. Safwat Malek elevated our already beautiful home into a showplace nothing less than a masterpiece.

He listened to our ideas and improved on them and we benefited from his decades of expertise and experience. He is so thoughtful and wants to create your vision, but is constantly improving upon it. He lives and breathes design and architecture, he never stops refining all our ideas to make the best choices that make sense structurally.

My father is a real estate broker and developer – still working and very specific and picky. He is blown away by the work and the crew and the speed that Safwat delivered. My father said he has never trusted someone so much who was so lovely and talented. That says everything.

Safwat not only knows everyone but is on the various boards and gets things done quickly, unheard on in this market. He shows up to oversee everything and it makes the difference, also not the norm.

Safwat’s aesthetic and taste are impeccable and he has helped me with the enormous project of getting everything on our punch list done. I can not recommend him highly enough. He is the gold standard. Hire him, look no further.

Blatman Carmel Cottage

I had the good fortune to meet Safwat Malek ten years ago. My wife and I happened to stop in at a Sunday open house for a newly constructed home that Safwat had designed and built. We were immediately struck by the beautiful open-concept design and the quality of the millwork and finishes.

Having been greatly impressed by what we saw in the house Safwat designed, we contacted him for a consultation.

Safwat quickly understood what we had in mind, and then offered several ideas which significantly improved on our own. The re-model cost estimate he provided was so reasonable that we chose to move forward immediately without entertaining other bids.

The re-model process was painless, the work was flawless, and working with Safwat throughout the remodel process was an absolute pleasure. His calm, professional demeanor (laced with a great wry sense of humor) was a huge plus. We have remained friends ever since and have called on Safwat for a number of upgrades over the years (e.g. installation of sky-light shades).

For anyone looking for an architect with great design sense and the ability to turn vision into reality, I could not recommend Safwat more highly.